Good afternoon,

I am in need of some counseling and was look for some help,

I was out of work for 14 months and just recently (the past 6 weeks) employed. 12 months ago, I was paying monthly minimums on my “Next” credit card. I received a call from a collection agency demanding the entire balance. I told them that I could not pay the whole balance and they wanted to give me a 40% discount to be paid ASAP. These phone calls kept coming in spite of the fact that the NEXT bank was out of business and I told them that I could not pay.

I live in South Florida and explained that I had damage on my house from the hurricanes and they left me alone.

I received a call from the same collection agency this past week again demanding payment. This call came out of the blue and almost a year to the day of the last one. They called to re-introduce themselves and to say that that they are faxing a letter to me with terms of $1100 a month to be paid until the balance is paid off. They also stated that I am in several banking violations and they can start proceedings against me as soon as Wednesday if I do not comply.

This is a fairly simplistic view of my situation but I sure would appreciate some words of advice.

Thank you,