This is my problem and it seems to be similar to some of yours but I thought I would throw it out there anyway in case someone might have some input. I, too, am nervous about the “new law” about bankruptcies and credit company minimums.

The law is effective 10/17 and the minimum payments will go from 2% to 4%. Here’s my problem as of yet I’m not behind but will probably be when the new minimums come on but if I file bankruptcy I have a good chance of either losing my job of many years or losing all opportunity of advancing. If I choose CCS then my credit is still ruined and may still have the same effect on my job. Any suggestions?

It seems to me that if I go with CCS, that there shouldn’t be any negative action taken with my job. It should be seen that I am still paying the bills, instead of opting for bankruptcy. Maybe check with the HR department, or if I have a business manual read up in it.