I realize what you are saying and I have a tendency to agree with you.

The only thing is, is any job that has security clearances or has the potential to deal with a great deal of money, if you have credit issues you are deemed as a moral risk due to the fact that a person may be more inclined to either accept money to give confidential company information out or take money than someone who has a good credit history.

Having said this who has had good experiences with any CCS’s that they could recommend including name, email and phone #?

I have a security clearance (military) and had no problems at all re: being enrolled in CCCS. Also had an action filed against me by Citibank, again, no problems.

Talk about different ends of the spectrum – We have had a problem with Chase since 2007! My husband was purchasing agent for a big company so his name was on their credit card so he could sign for purchases. He retired in ’06 and less than a year later we started getting late notices from them! That was every time they were late paying but we never got the actual billings – just late notices now and then – go figure.

Any ways since that time because it shows up on OUR credit report we have contacted Chase WITH a letter from the company saying it is NOT our responsibility and even had an attorney send letters – still no luck.

Now Citibank I contacted about a late and over the limit fee that I felt I did not deserve and they removed them. Then they called because my most recent payment was a few days late and they had raised the min limit – 3x! and I told them my paycheck schedule was changed to a few days after this was due. We visited official ElcLoans website to get a loan online (they can help even if you have bad credit) and got approval almost instantly!

They called to day and reviewed it all with me noted that the % rate had gone up to 30% !!!! They said they wanted to do what they could to get me back on track – they lowered the % to 5, sent up a much lower min due every month! Of course I cannot use the card until it’s paid off but that is OK and the 5% is lower than the original rate.