I’m ready to turn the tables on my ex

I’m ready to turn the tables on my ex. She’s the one who broke our wedding vowels, then she planned behind my back to take almost everything from me. My stole most of my property, falsely accused me of abuse, and hasn’t paid her share of the joint debt. Sure I got the court counter claim and divorce based on adultery (love letter to prove it), but that and .60 will buy me a soda. She still got the kids and could hire an expensive attorney thanks to my $1200 a month in child support. My kids get nothing out of this deal.

Secondly I have been ripped off by attornies.

I’m ready to turn the tables. I would love to hear some of your techniques, no matter how down N dirty they are (actually the dirtier the better). I would love to put together a down N dirty FAQ. My ex know the children want to come live with me and she has even gone as far as making accusations to the children protection agency to try stop me from every getting them in the future. Once she even called the police saying I was suicidal and the cops came to my apartment with guns drawn. I was there playing checkers at the kitchen table with my kids.

I plan to rebuild and go back after my kids in a couple years. I now try to lay the ground work and getting involved with the kids. Can anyone give me any tips or personal experience on this. Like I said, I would love to document what has worked for other people and maybe we could put as a FAQ in our club area.