Should I worry about scam collectors

I’m new to the blog and have several questions, however, I’d like to start with my concerns regarding illegitimate collection calls and letters. As we live in a time of overt identity and information theft, I suspect that there are people who would use this information to extort money from unwitting debtors. As they are not legitimate, they would not care what the collection laws actually are, but would use intimidation and threats that legitimate collectors are forbidden to use.

I am also concerned of phishing operations that would try and get information from us in order to do the above collection scam. In addition, it is relatively easy to make a call with a fake (spoof) Caller Id number that looks like it is from Citibank, Chase, American Express or the IRS. All of this combined has me somewhat perplexed as to how to respond to the creditor calls I receive.

So far, I ignore them. I don’t think this will work in the long run.

Any shared concern or enlightenment would be appreciated.