Single dad’s question

So my lawyer is correct when he states im up a creek without a paddle? I am not sure I can come up with the moneyt o pay her before the court its its about 5000 dollars with her attorneys fees tacked on.

Im selling my house right. Can the DA come after me for the same charges my attorney doesnt seem to think they can? But they still keep sending me a bill! My childsupport is being taken ourt of my check and im afraid that they will garnish what little I have left. The ex already gets half my paycheck.

If you notified her that you were moving down there, you may use that as a defense that she was of knowledge that CS may be interrupted for a short period, but you MUST catch it up ASAP. No they can’t get you for double jeapordy, but as long as you are in arrears they will try to skin you alive. You need to start doing some reading and get through this part. Then get rid of the skinflint attorney. You need someone who cares about you and not a vampire to suck off your paycheck. I tell you from experience, Attorneys lose interest real fast when the see you can no longer pay them.