What I suggest is that you call them

What I suggest is that you call them and right from the first person you speak to tell them that you need to speak to someone that can make decisions on your accounts and implement them. Once you are speaking to someone higher up tell them this: “I am currently considering all of my debt relief options.

I have gotten information on many of them and know what options I have.(implying bankruptcy and debt settlement at fifty cents on the dollar) I thought before I proceed with one of these other settlement/relief options, I would call you first to see what your company might be able to offer me in the way of relief, IF, I were to choose to continue making my payments on this account(s).”

They will want valid and believable reasons as to why you are having money problems such as medical, divorce, job hours cut back, been sick and out of work, things like that. They have it within their capability to drastically reduce the interest rate, remove late payment charges, over the limit charges, and even some finance charges on the remaining balance.